Monday, May 14, 2007

Rockies vs Giants

We went to a baseball game up at Coors Field on Friday evening. Austin has been so excited about it. He would every day if we were going to see baseball. We had to keep reminding him that Friday is when we were going to go.
Austin had a blast! We got great $15.00 parking right at the entrance. It was so much fun to see Austin enjoy the game and get into it. He would yell hey batter, batter, batter. and other cute comments he heard us and other people say. The game was fun too, even though we lost. Austin did great pretty much the whole game. He got a little restless at the eight inning (it was way long), but I was getting restless too. Here are some cute pictures.


grammie said...

I love the picture of Chris and Austin watching the game. Sounds like you guys had a great time.
Aunt nancy

Amanda said...

That is a great picture from behind of both of them!!!! That is AWESOME that he would stay for the whole game! Glad you are getting in a lot of fun before the baby arrives:)