Friday, July 24, 2009

Breeanna new niece!

My SIL just had here first baby, and it was a sweet tiny little girl. She is adorable. Aaron and I make the trek down to Durango to visit (Austin went ahead earlier with his Aunt Lisa). Let me tell you the trip down there was NOT pleasant. Out of the 6 hour drive...Aaron literally screamed half of the time. in car DVD player would have definately been a lifesaver, but next time... Ok... on to the sweet baby girl!

Here is a sweet picture of her and her parents on her blessing day. And here is some of Austin and Aaron both taking thier turn holding her....

From 011-BLOGGER

From 011-BLOGGER

From 011-BLOGGER

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet Redneck Austin...

I don't mean that in a flattering way... if there is a flattering way.

About 2 weeks ago Austin was screaming bloody murder in his room for me to come to him. I came in asking what all the comotion was about. He was crying, no screaming because he hit his mouth on his bed. I took him into the bathroom an his mouth was bleeding, with a loose tooth. Yes, my son knocked his tooth out (seriously, this kids has not had one injury from hockey, but from just being a boy he has had a split head and now a knocked out tooth). SO now my son has 3 missing teeth! Yesterday is when the tooth finally decided to make and exit. I am still "talking" sith the Tooth Fairy on if she is going to visit for knocked out teeth... well see.

So again I present Redneck Austin...