Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Request From My Aunt Nancy

My Aunt asked me to post some pictures side by side of Austin and Aaron. Let me say thank goodness for digital format, or this could have been hard.
There are many differences between Austin and Aaron, but they do kind of look a like also. Austin had more thickness to his body when he was born, he was the same size in length as Aaron, but 1 pound more in weight. Austin I believe has a wider jaw line and a small clef chin with darker hair, Aaron has a thinner face and no clef chin with blonde hair. Go ahead and look below at the pictures. Austin will be on the left and Aaron on the right.

The New Man in My Life

Here are some cute pictures of Aaron. Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2007

"I Wanna Hold My Brother, and Take a Picture"

Austin absolutely loves being a big brother. Every chance he has he wants to hold his brother. He knows the protocol, wash hands (he loves to scratch his brain) and grab the boppy for support. After he gets his brother in his arms he cannot stop kissing him (I'm afraid he is going to kiss all his hair off *Smile*), then he say mom, take a picture. I have a ton of pictures of Austin holding Aaron which is awesome. I am so glad that Austin loves his little brother, he is very gentle with him. Enjoy these pictures of Austin & Aaron.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aaron Nathanael Burns - 4 days over due and well worth it!

I had my Dr. Appt Monday Morning. I went to work for about an hour, then went and had the BPP Test. They did an ultrasound. It was need to see the little baby, you could see his ribs, it is amazing the development they have over the next 20 weeks. Well, my fluids were dangerously low and my Dr. didn't even monitor the Baby. He sent me straight to the hospital for induction. We got to the hospital @ 11:20am and he was born @ 6:07pm. I had him out in 1 push. He was such a little guy, all of 5lbs 1oz. I was pretty exhausted, my placenta didn't and wouldn't detach from my uterus, so they had to take me to the Operating Room (Let me tell you, you think giving birth there is no privacy, try the OR room). Once they got my uterus to relax everything went fine.

Here are some pictures, I will get more up. He has beautiful coloring, and loves to sleep. I have to wake him up to feed him. Barely cries, and when he does, it is a sweet cry.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

2 Days Over Due...

I am 2 days over due and my body is definately feeling it. It is just so exhausted and the aches and pains of the back are just wonderful. This is a blessing, believe it or not. Looks like the baby is cooperating with my parents schedule back from thier vacation (knock on wood) :) Well just wanted to give you an update.

Monday, August 13, 2007

3 Days it is - WOW and the Dr says I"ve got nothing!

I just had a Doctors appt today. He says if the baby were any farther up in my ribs it would be crawling out of my mouth. This little one definately looks like it is waiting for my parents to get back from vacation - Which is very good.
If I do not go into labor by this next Monday the Dr. is going to do a BPP appt. I have no idea what that stands for, but they said it is about an hour long appt. They do an ultra sound and then monitor the baby, just to make sure it is comfortable. I guess they want to see why the baby has decided it doesn't even want to drop yet. - so well see, I keep you gys updated ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007

6 DAYS LEFT - Wow how time flies!

I cannot believe how fast time flies. This pregnancy has been flying, not to the point where it is easy, but I cannot find enough time in a day to get stuff done. I am trying to get everything ready at work for my maternity leave, and I hope that I am able to.
My body is definately ready to have this baby but mentally I am not. I know that will change one the sweet little boy comes into the world. I am very excited to meet this new little person.
Austin is extremely excited also. He is determined on the name Spiderman/Peter Parker Hockey Player. Everything he loves. I guess that is a good sign.
Sorry I have been so horrible about keeping this blog, but I promise I will get better. Right now sleep is just SO much more important, and I am sure it will be afterwards, but I will get better.