Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ice Skating 101

We took Austin Ice Skating for the 3rd time. He had such a blast. He couldn't wait to wear his helmet, and get the ice skates on. Chris took him out on the ice, and I took the pictures. Austin did one lap around the rink with the orange bucket, then after that he wanted to do it all himself. He had so much fun. He fell so many time, thank goodness for the helmet. Also every time he fell he had to lick the ice off of his gloves. If you ask him about ice skating he will tell you the whole story, from falling to licking the "snow" off of his gloves.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

CC Tigers vs Alabama Hockey

My boss at work has 4 season tickets to see CC (Colorado College) Hockey. He was out of town last weekend and gave me his tickets. Austin is a huge hockey fan. Loves to watch the games on tv, for a while he would only watch the 03 Stanley cup DVD we bought just for him. Chris, Stephen (my brother-in-law), Austin and I went to the game and had so much fun. Austin had a blast! Our seats were second row on the corner of the ice rink. We were able to see lots of action. Austin love yelling at them, "get the puck", "GOAL", "go get him" and so on. Here are some fun pictures to enjoy. CC beat Alabama 8 to 1. It was a great game! (excuse some of the blurry pictures, they don't allow flash in the arena)