Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Little Missionary

Austin had his first Primary Activity 2 weeks ago. It's theme was Missionary Day. About a week before Austin got his Mission call in the mail. He was really excited, Austin loves to get mail. We told him that he was going to be a missionary and learn to teach the gospel. They asked that the children wear Sunday dress (Austin wore Chris's old missionary name tag). Below are some cute pictures of Austin. There is one with his companion, they were called to the Mexico Mission. There is a picture of the class were he learned to speak some Spanish, and of course the ultimate Missionary Food Pizza was served. Austin had a lot of fun, they also learned how to sew on a button, he did rather well. He is really excited to go on a mission and teach the gospel.


Amanda said...

Those pictures are TOO CUTE!!!! He looks just like a little missionary in his suit!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly said...

How stinkin' cute! I love the jacket and tie!

grammie said...

What a cute idea! He makes a great looking missionary. Looks like he was having lots of fun, too.