Sunday, November 15, 2009

AUSTIN is 6 years Old

It is amazing to me how many times a kid can change thier mind of what kind of party they want. He went from, hockey to pirate to cars to Transformers and finally landed on pirates as the theme. It is easier when they are younger because you just choose for them.

We just did a small family birthday this year...but we did do a theme and the kids LOVED it! Chris was really into helping...he wanted to do a treasure hunt, with a map. He had fun creating the map and soaking it in hot chocolate (since we don't drink coffee or tea) and burning the edges. He was also the one who took all the kids outside to find the buried treasure. I got plastic blow-up swords and made pirate bandanas for the kids to wear. They loved it. Here are some fun pictures...
Kids Posing before they go look for the buried treasure
The mission was a success...
Austin's most exciting gift...yes a REAL bow and arrows.