Monday, September 22, 2008


Aaron (13 months) has just taken his first two steps, like 10 minutes ago! My little boy is growing up too fast!, *sniff, sniff*.
Other things Aaron is doing:
-finds a tissue, he puts it to his nose and blows with his mouth, then tries to eat it.
-finds a marker (don't worry lid is on) and pretends to color (then of course he puts it in his mouth)
-climbs, he is a climber. His favorite is climing on to Austin's mini recliner, then onto my rocking chair, oh and he LOVES to stand on the chair - he has not fallen ....yet.
-He wants to feed himself, he won't eat hardly a thing if he is not doing the feeding.

Yes, I Am a Country Girl!

My lovely sister Katariina got some Carrie Underwood tickets from a friend at work this past Tuesday (that is also when the concert was). She called me up (since she new I liked Carrie) and asked if I wanted to go...hmmmm...of course I said YES! It was an awesome concert. It was honoring the military, they they had the Color Gaurd post the Colors, and they honored 52 Medal of Honorees. It was really neat seeing all the men and women who served/are serving our country. (I was very disapointed though, the person who ran the ceremony , could not have been military, had the crowd sit down before the Colors were dismissed).
The concert it self was really awesome. There were two groups touring with Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum and Randy Travis (He has an amazing deep voice). They did a fabulous job. Carrie's performance was awesome, she is great with the crowd, and really interacts with her band. (wasn't a fan of her costume though) Katariina and I didn't get home until midnight, but ohh it was fun!
I would have took pictures if they allowed cameras, I could have snuck one in but I was trying to be honest (next time I will bring one, everyone else and their brother was taking pictures, and they actually encourage it on the artists' website, with and "upload your concert pictures here") I found one of Carrie and Randy posing together, you get to see the outfit I am not to fond of. She is wearing shorts, not pants.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Craft Fair

Last Saturday I went to the Craft Fair at the White Horse Ranch (it is not called this anymore). We had lots of fun, and saw some interesting thing. Of course I found some things I could not live without, and spent some money.
Here are a couple of the things I found/bought:
Appalachian Bow Knife (Walnut) - Cuts bread (even hot fresh bread without smooshing, and you get thin slices) cheese, vegtables, etc. I love this. The first time I saw this was at my SIL Amy's house in Durango, her husband bought it, and neither of them knew where they got it.

Next is Patty's Pantry Preserves. This was SOOOO delish! I fell in love with the Tayberry (mix between blackberry and raspberry) and the Pumpkin Butter. It tastes soo good on the french bread I so thinly sliced with my new bow knife.

Next was Soup/Chili Mixes from Plentiful Pantry. These were sooo good. We tried the red Chili (not pictured because we ate it) and all of us loved it, even Austin and Aaron. I cannot wait to try the rest of these. The nice this is they are ready in 20 minutes, and usually you only have to add water and meat (optional) - Great food Storage.

Wow, I go to a Craft Fair and find/buy everything food related.

My New Addiction...

Ok, I feel (key word, not a promise) I can forever give up my favorite caffine drink (Dr. Pepper) and replace it with this. It is ohhh so delicious! (reminds me of my Sonic working days)

Santa's Workshop - The North Pole

We went to the North Pole a couple of weeks ago with Grandma Burns and Lisa and her kids. I have never seen Austin have so much fun. He wanted to ride all the rides over and over. Luckily, I think there was only like 3 other families there, so it was like we had the park to ourselves.
When we first got there, we did the tilt-o-wirl. I asked the girl who ran the ride how old do the kids have to be, she said 1 year old and I decided it was time for Aaron's first ride (sorry I don't have a picture I was riding with him) He didn't cry, but he didn't laugh, the way he was holding on to me I could tell he had no idea what was going on. I didn't make him ride it again. Austin LOVED it though. I think he could have rode it over and over for the rest of the day. There were lots of rides the kids enjoyed. Dominic (Lisa's boy) was not very excited about the rides after the tilt-o-wirl. It took forever to get him on the ride, then Lisa just put him on it and he cried for about 5 seconds into the ride and then was fine. I got some great pictures of his soo sad faces. Austin was such a sweetie and rode a pink rocket with Emmalee, and a school bus yellow bug to help Dominic ride. We were also able to go and see Santa. (sorry about the pictures, they don't allow flash photography in his house) Austin jumped right in his lap and asked Santa for a fishing pole and a bunny (I didn't know he wanted a bunny?) Then it was Aaron's turn, he looked so comfortable in his lap, like he could fall alseep there.
We had soo much fun, but with the cost of $15.00 a person this will have to be a once a year trip.

In a Galaxy Not to Far Away...

Last Saturday we went to the Pottery Barn 4 Kids Star Wars Meet and Greet. We got there about half an hour ahead of 12pm(when it started). You had to have tickets to get in, so I went the day the I got the email.
It was a fun 2 hours waiting in line. There were a lot of fanatics there, little boys lightsaber fighting in line. They had security there (don't know why since they had the storm trooper and Jedi there?) ;) Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper came out for a little moment before they started letting people in. We also saw the Jedi and Padwaans arrive (I didn't see there ship though) We had lots of fun, and Grandma Burns bought a frame with a mat that had been signed by all the characters so we could put his picture in it.
Enjoy the pictures!

Here Fishy Fishy!

We went fishing up in Woodland Park, CO end of August. Sorry I haven't been very good at blogging.

This was Austin's first time, and he was SOOOO excited. We went with the Scadden's, Brian and Vanessa (goods friends and home teachers). While the guys were fishing, Vanessa and I had fun talking. We only caught four fish, and Chris did all the catching (YEAH Chris!) Chris also go to learn how to clean out the fish (I chose the least grusome picture). Austin was exhausted, as was Aaron. We had such a fun time, so fun, thinking about getting a season permit rather than a one day. Thanks Brian and Vanessa!