Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Austin and Aaron 6mo. Comparison

Well, I thought I would just show you the differences and similarities between Austin and Aaron at the same age. Enjoy!

Phone Pictures

Here are a couple of more pictures I took with my phone. Reasoning for the phone instead of the camera is so I could send the picture over the phone...
Austin and Aaron

Aaron all pimped out in his suit for church

Spur of the Moment Day at the Zoo

This morning at 9am, I asked Austin if he would like to go to the park or the zoo (stupid question to ask him I know) of course he said the zoo. We have a membership there so we stayed for only two hours. Don't know how many of you have been to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but it is very hilly. And when you are pushing a stroller with two kids, it gets very tiresome.

9am was a perfect time to go, hardly anybody was there and the animals were out and about and busy. Austin enjoyed feeding the giraffs. His main goal was to see the hippo's. We were able to see the Peguins being fed, and the gorillas being very active. There was on disturbing female gorilla. She would eat, throw it up, eat it, throw it up and so on. I thing we saw her do this more than a couple of times. GROSS! Well the caretaker said that this is a learned habit in captivity, and she does it to get attention. bleghck! We did see this cute little baby gorilla. He was all over the place, the caretaker said he had been like this since early this morning (hmmm... reminds me of Austin) Well, we had a fun time, Aaron enjoyed watching it all from the stroller - he stayed awake the whole time. I didn't take my camera because it just stinks right now, and also the batteries needed to be charged. I did take a couple of pictures with my phone, yes I know my yucky camera would have been better, but you know the batteries. So try to enjoy what you can see.

Here is the crazy little active monkey...He was running, swinging and jumping around everywhere.

Next is Austin's Favorite the Hippos, two of the hippos were sleeping sooo cute, don't know if you can make it out (regretting I didn't have my yucky camera) but the hippos where sleeping with thier noses where touching. Austin said they were kissing... Awwww Hippos kisses.

Well hope you enjoy, don't worry I didn't take a picture of the female gorilla eating her throwup, I am not crazy.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Be sure to scroll down...

Be sure to scroll down to see all of the updates. Wouldn't want you to miss the fun!

My Love of Aprons (I take after my mother)

Don't know how many of you out there wear aprons, but they are a wonderful thing. They save your clothes from who knows what when you are cooking, cleaning and crafting. I know there are tons of other uses out, but these are the ones I mainly use them for. Some of you are thinking ugh.. aprons... they are so ugly... But do not fear, I have found a couple of adorable ones that I have fell in LOVE with. Please take a look below...

This one I fell in love with while I was blog hopping. Meg designed it and created a pattern that you can buy at Motessoribyhand.com. She has alot of other lovely patterns also.

The next apron I fell in love with has no pattern yet, I am sad, but cannot wait till Heather has it up for sell, she also has a fabric line which I am drooling over. Here is her site to go and see it, I need to get her permission to use her photo, Click here to see the apron

The Men In My Life

I thought I would share with you a special moment in my life...My Men
I love the way they love each other, and have fun.
Enjoy these pictures of one of those moments...

Mmmmm.. Rice Cereal and Nothing Else

So Aaron has found the joy of rice cereal. He LOVES it! I made the mistake of buy the banana flavored rice cereal, big mistake. My child loves the bland stuff. He must get that from me. You see, Chris is a Chipolte fanatic, but I do not like the spices they have (I am a wimp), I am more of a Qdoba girl, Chris calls them bland, but eats there for me (isn't that sweet). Ok, back on subject... here are some cute pictures of Aaron chowing down on some yummy bland rice cereal.

Crooked Crack

So I have yet to tell you about Aaron's "Crooked Crack". Yes, he literally has a crooked bottom crack. It is very cute. When he was about a month old, I had to take him to get an ultrasound and x-rays due to this thing. You see, where the crack goes crooked (vears off to the right) there is a dimple that goes a little too deep for the doctors comfort. I guess this can be caused by the spinal cord being attached all the way to the tail bone which is not good, it can make it hard for the child to walk, or not be able to walk at all. But every thing turned out alright for Aaron, he just won't be able to have the profession of a bottom model (don't worry, we didn't wan't that to be his life long goal anyway) Here is a cute picture of his bum... (Sorry the picture is not the best, I need a new camera)

Chris's Hockey Skates

For those of you don't know, Chris plays on an adult city hockey team. He has a enjoys it(but his body does not), Austin has a ball watching him play also. The last game we were at, both of Chris's skates some how broke at the same time, CRAZY!!! So we had to buy him some new skates which we got a great deal on. (thanks to Chris's boss Nate for telling us about hockeyoverstock.com)

NEW SKATES Nike Flexlite 4 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Cousin Molly's Favorite Things

All, my cousin Molly has a wonderful website where she talks about and review many neat products. Every once in a while she has some AMAZING give aways! Today only she has a package for some scrumpious cupcakes from a bakery in Chicago called "Cupcakes". Check out her site and enter to win! Remember to check back often for more great product and fun give aways!
Just click on her button under Things I Love called a few of my favorite things