Sunday, April 20, 2008

It was bound to happen someday, surprised it wasn't sooner...

We had a wonderful Friday. Amy, Chris' sister came to town as a chaperon/piano player with a middle school group for a competition on Saturday. They had a lot of fun things planned for Friday. First we went to the Denver Zoo, it was a mad house there. I think every school was there on a field trip. It was tons of fun. The Denver Zoo is much bigger than the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and it didn't have as many hills also, which is very nice when you are pushing two kids around. We saw tons of fun animals, lots that we don't have at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Some of the kids favorites were the Nemo fish (clown fish) and the Polar Bears, one of which was playing in the water with a big plastic thing. We were there for about 4 hours (definitely not enough time to see all of them, so we need to go back).
Next we went to the Cherry Creek Mall (these middle school kids don't have a big mall where they come from -- Farmington, New Mexico) so the really enjoy this. I had fun finding fun stuff on sale for Chris at Macy's, then we took the kids to the big play area to play in. It is a nice big area, they have breakfast food for the kids to play on, waffles with butter, eggs, bacon, bowl of shredded wheat and blueberries, etc... Well towards they end some little kid brought a football (and we all know Austin LOVES any type of sport) and they started playing together. A couple of minutes later Austin smacks his head on the side of the play area and literally cracks his head open. So after getting some ice and TONS of napkins for the blood, my mother-in-law (wonderful lady) drives me to the Children's Hospital. It took us about 30-40 minutes to get there, so the whole time I keep asking Austin all these question to keep him awake (he has already had a long tiring day before the incident happened), the only thing I am afraid of is him falling asleep and not waking up because of a concussion. (first time I ever thought of my kid dying, I know a little overboard for a cracked head). We get to the hospital for a long 5 hours before we get to go home.
The Children's Hospital (definately different than a regular hospital) was very nice, the food was actually very good (We had dinner there instead of Casa Bonita --huge Mexican restraunt with cliff divers). Austin recieved 3 staples to the head (staples work better than stitches on the head), poor kid. It was about 3.5 hours in the waiting room, we had to keep Austin from running around, you would have never thought he was hurt the way he was acting, he made new friends. Once they took us back they had to irrigate the wound they staple it. It was really neat, there was a lady named Roni whose job was to destract the kids while they fixed the wound. She had a huge backpack full of all kinds of neat toys, Austin really enjoyed that and I think it really helped him till they had to staple his head. But after it was over he was able to pick out a toy from the treasure chest, he chose the yoyo (he was very excited)
On our way home (11pm) Austin told me that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. It was too precious, he thought I was going to still try to keep him awake like I did earlier...He was out cold.
What a fun day, something I will never forget. As for the ER visit, it was bound to happen, sooner than later with a kid like Austin...Actually surprised it didn't happen sooner.
We are slowly shaving (to help the tape stick with the guaze) and trying to wash out the dried blood from his hair. While shaving we had fun and gave him a mohawk for the day, we will be shaving it tomorrow.
I would like to take a small moment to thank Chris' sisters Amy and Lisa for ALL the wonderful help they gave in taking care of all my stuff and little Aaron while i rushed to the ER, and for Jean in taking me to the ER -- THANK YOU!!!
Just a small note...Do you know how hard it is to keep an extremely active boy not to be active? VERY HARD, and DARN NEAR IMMPOSSIBLE!
Here are some pictures from the zoo and Austin's battle wound...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wow, I haven't updated in a while!

Wow sorry about not updating in a while (I know I have said this a lot) I will try to get better. So many thing have been happening since "a while ago" so please make sure you scroll down.

HOCKEY - Austin has started hockey (he is the shortest one out there, but not the youngest)! Colorado Springs Armature Hockey Association (CSAHA) has a Spring League Training type camp. It is and 8 and under league, they have beginner (which Austin is in) and advance. He is having such a ball! He loves playing hockey for the Jr. Tigers. They teach them a lot of exercises to teach them how to play hockey. They put cones down and the kids slalom through, skate on one leg, hop on one leg, pull each other on the ice, to do a fast side stop, handle the puck, moving from a standing position to sliding and back up. It is pretty facisinating how much Austin has progressed since his first to his fifth practice.
Here is Austin showing off his jersey

Here he is all ready to play, we even had to buy him a mouth guard (and a cup).

Austin scored a goal the first night when they had a little scrimmage! What a stud!

Here he is in his hockey stance listening to the coach. (First thing he learned)

Here is his hockey stance, bend the knees but not too far.

Here he is skating with the puck. He actually is pretty good at this. (Chris has been practicing at home with him, on our wooden floor)

Here is Chris and Aaron being Austin's support squad. (Isn't Aaron SOOOO cute!, We call him Jack Jack - from The Incredibles)

SPAGHETTI DINNER - I made a cake for the auction

I did my traditional spaghetti cake, I destroyed the first half of the cake, so I let Austin decorate it. Here are some fun pictures of our cakes, I bet you can't tell who did what cake.