Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sorry I have been away...

I have an actual legitimate reason too. I went away, no husband no kids for a scrapbooking retreat in Silverthorne, CO and had a BLAST. I would have taken pictures, but I left my camera here for Chris to take pictures of the fun things he did with the boys. I hope to get some pictures from the other scrapbookers. It was georgeous up there (Amanda, you would have LOVED the leaves, fall has already taken a toll there and it was beautiful)!
I had TONS of fun, and met some awesome women. We headed up there Thursday morning (I went with my MIL and two SILs. The cabin we stayed in was awesome, I think I might want to move there. We did lots of scrapbooking, and of course some shopping. They have an outlet mall with some wonderful stores which had some great sales. I bought Chris a pair of dress slacks from Calvin Klien for only $10.00. I would have bought stuff for me, but man do I need to loose weight. (reason you never see pictures of me) I always get so depressed when I go shopping. I need to change that!
There were a ton of fly fishers there. I decided that would be a fun sport(it is a catch and release there) to take up, it looked soooo relaxing standing in the water just casting a reel listening to river flow past you feet.
Chris had a blast with the boys while I was gone. He said he didn't loose it once, and when he almost did, he called me and I was in the parking lot of our condos and life was good. On Thursday he took the boys to Chuck E Cheese. This was actually a prize for Austin to skate around the ice rink without falling, which he did. He really is a good skater, he just has a fascination with running himself into the walls as if he is checking someone. I don't have any pictures of this, because Chris forgot the camera (I let him know that was unacceptable, and he did great after that).
He did get some pictures of the boys wrestling on our bed. Aaron is a real go getter for a 1 yr old.

Austin also participated in a pumkin run at the Venetucci Farm with Rhianna and Emily. They had such fun, they all got a blue ribbon and would have been able to get a pumpkin, but they had a bad season.
(Don't you just love the pumpkin shades Austin is sporting?)

They also went to McDonalds to play afterwards and Austin and Aaron had a blast in the play area.