Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love to see the temple...

We went up to Denver to pick up our car (it was fixed by Katjaana's husband Dustin - THANK YOU!) While we were in Denver, we decided to stop by the Denver Temple and walk around. It was a georgeously hot day, but we had fun walking around and talking about the temple. Here is a cute picture of Austin and Aaron in front.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do ducks sleep on water?

I just love it when Austin asks me intelligent questions. (what I mean by intellegent questions is when he honestly doesn't know the answer, not like when he has seen a movie a billion time and knows it by heart, yet he still ask what is happening). Tonight when we were driving home he asked me: Do ducks sleep on water? I honestly don't know, so I told he we would look it up when we got home. Well, here is what we found, for those of you who didn't already know.

Here is the answer and here is where I found it:

Ducks generally use three types of areas: open fields (for food), a wetland near their feeding field (also for feeding, as well as washing and drinking), and a roost site (for sleeping). Roosts are found in areas where the birds feel safe and are seldom disturbed. These resting areas may be found over a mile from the feeding field. Depending on what is available, roost sites are usually medium to large ponds, or wide rivers.
To avoid predators, waterfowl are most often seen sleeping on the water, with their head turned around backwards and nestled into their feathers, to keep their unfeathered bill warm. As if sleeping on the water isn’t safe enough, ducks also have a habit of sleeping in a line where the ducks on the ends sleep with one eye open, watching for predators.
Many duck species may also be seen sleeping on land near their roosting pond, often standing on one leg with the other tucked up into its feathers. Again, this is done to stay warm.
Exceptions to these sleeping habits include the Harlequin Duck, which tend to roost on rocky shores to avoid sleeping in rough water, and Wood Ducks, who usually roost in trees. Stiff-tailed ducks, such as Ruddy Ducks, have difficulty walking on land because their legs are set far back on their body and are almost never seen sleeping out of the water. In fact, Ruddy Ducks are so comfortable sleeping in the water that, if you’re very quiet, you may see one blowing across a wavy pond!
-Darren Wiens, M.S. Candidate

Breaking Dawn Contest

Alright, I am a big fan of Stephenie Meyers, I love the Twilight Series and The Host Book (I even was blessed to be able to go to her The Host book signing in Denver. We Breaking Dawn's, the forth book in the Twilight series, release date is August 2. With that they are having a contest to win tickets to go to New York, NY for a Twilight Concert (it includes airfare, tickets, hotel and V.I.P treatment). So if you would like to sign up, here is the link. I have already put mine in the mail!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

We have a membership to our Zoo in the Springs, and love it. The other day we went to see there new Rocky Mountain Exhibit. It was pretty amazing, the go rid of a lot of the hills. They brought in two grizzly bears, a moose, mountian lions, and porcupines. We were also there when they were feeding the hippos, I think that was Austin's favorite. Aaron's favorite was this little monkey that kept looking at him. I held him up to the window, and this little monkey kept tilting his head back and forth - Aaron LOVED it!
These Grizzys were having a blast wrestling with eachother, thier energy reminds me of Austin.

Here is the hippo getting a drink before he came into eat.

This Orangutan had at least 8 carrots in his mouth!

Here is Aaron making friends with this cute little monkey.

Here is Alvin as Austin says.

Messy Baby

Aaron has really been enjoying the babyfood lately, here is a couple of pictures of him after he is done eating. Good thing we had a bib on.

Friday, June 06, 2008

ALERT: What I would LOVE for my Birthday!!!

Ok, I know these are hard to come by, but I would LOVE this! PLEASE go in together to get me this. *puppy dog face*

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My child is weird.

As I was putting Austin to bed here is a short convo we had.

Me: Austin what would you like for breakfast?

Austin: Broccoli

Me: Broccoli, we don't have any.

Austin: We need to go to the store to get some. I need it to be like Spiderman. Because it helps me get webs.

Me: Ok, we will get some at the store tomorrow. So what would you like for breakfast?

Austin: Carrots

Me: How about some Spiderman pancakes also.

Austin: Yeah, that would be good.

Thought it was too cute, the broccoli thing. Austin went to Durango around the end of April beginning of May. He was down with visiting with his Aunt Amy and Uncle Kermitt. Amy got him stuck on broccoli because of the way it looks like webs, and that is what Spiderman eats to get his webs. He bought it, and was dissapointed we didn' t have any broccoli.

Thanks Amy!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Too Cute...

It was sooo cute. Austin, Aaron and I went to the park the other day to play. While Austin was running around making new friends, Aaron and I sat down and observed. It was getting ready to rain, so the wind was blowing pretty good. I got a great picture of Aaron when the wind blew at the right moment. Enjoy, you can see his tuft of hair blowing pretty good.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anything NOT to crawl

Aaron just doesn't want to crawl. The kid will be 10 months on the 2oth of June, and has absolutely no desire. I try to encourage it by putting him on his hand and knees. This morning he didn't bend his knees and this is what we got.
As you can see in his face, he got unhappy real quickly.

Father Son CampOut

It looks to me as if everyone is having one of these in the ward. A brother in our ward owns a ranch, and every year they have a Father & Son campout. This is the 3rd year Austin has gone (his first one was at 2.5 years, we start 'em young). They had such a fun time, and came back filthy as ever.

Austin loved checking out anything he could climb, run on and jump off.

What kid doesn't love a lake...

Don't worry, that is a rootbeer.