Monday, February 15, 2010

MASTER'S we go!

After Chris graduated back in the end of August 09 with his Bachelors, we weren't sure exactly where his path was going to take him... In January, he got the feeling that he needed to go and get his Master's Degree. We both prayed and felt that it was the right thing to here we go. WOOT WOOT! I am actually very excited for him and our family for this...

He started last week, and we are looking about 2 years of school till he graduates. I can handle 2 years. I think 33/34yrs is not a bad age to get his Master's Degree.

His work schedule actually makes it probably the best time for him to go through the Master's Program.

So here is to you sweetheart!, good luck, and I am in full support of you. I LOVE YOU!

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Beeker said...

Go Chris! What is he getting his masters in? I think better now, while the kids are little, then later when they're involved in everything :)