Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh so have this baby!

I NEVER felt this way with my two boys...but this little girl is definately taking a toll on my body. I know partly it is because I am at home with my boys, and not at work sitting in front of a computer all day.
A. Every morning is like clock work....I need to empy my empty stomach....yes very fun! YUCK!
B. My body aches sooooo much, I dread going out because I know I will either have to run after Aaron, or carry him...not much of a choice. I have resorted to bribing with candy (this habit will stop as soon as the baby is born and does not always work)
D. I KNOW I was not this BIG with Austin or Aaron. I am definately HUGE, not weight wise...but belly size wise. (I am actually going to come out weighing less that I did before I was pregnant..a plus...but due to item A...I think mucus has calories)
D. I am sooooo emotional. Last night I just wanted to cry...just because...
E. I do get anxiety from time to time...never EVER did before....
F. I am ready to be done...
G. I am secretly scared to go into labor naturally, Austin was not fun. Loved being induced with Aaron...I knew what and when to expect, but that happened 4 days late, don't think I can wait that long.
I. SERIOUSLY This is how I feel...not look but feel!

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Amanda said...

Glad you are BACK!!!! Man your list reminds me of why pregnancy sucks (for me).....Glad it will all be over soon for you:) And I LOVE the feeling of not knowing when I will go into labor and which day the baby will be born on....which is weird b/c I am a serious planner. But I just feel like that's the natural way and so I love it..I guess:) And it's you don't know when, how it will happen a nd how fast it will come:) Good lucK!

Burns Family said...

Yes...glad I am back also! 13 day to go now and I am doing a little better, but still ready. Thanks for the luck, I know I will need it!

Beeker said...

Gee whiz, you freaked me out with that picture, at first! Ha haaa!