Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm back!! Hopefully for good

WOW, again for the manyeth time I restart trying not to slack on this blog again. I have a TON to catch everyone up on. I will start from just now to make it not so complicated on me, but every once in a while I will add an update from the last 7 is a list I will use to guide me, if I think of more I will add to it.

I'm Pregnant

New Niece

Aaron's 2nd Birthday

Austin Starts Kindergarten


Austin lost MORE teeth

Austin's Birthday

Joys of Pregnancy



Austin's Valentine's

So...I am sure some of you have noticed I have a floating baby on my blog....for those of you who don't know...Yes I am pregnant. I am due March 9, with a baby girl, woot woot! We had our 3-d ultrasound the first week in January and she looks SOOOOOO cute. I may be bias, but here is a picture so you can judge for yourself.

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