Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st Day of School...KINDERGARTEN

Austin was SOOO excited to start school. The first week they weaned the kids into it.
1st day- 2 hours with a parent
2nd day - half day leave after lunch
3rd day- was when the full days started
Chris went with Austin on his first day...I made him take the camera, he did a pretty good job considering he is not our usual photographer.
Austin posing with his shoe box he decorated...He is SOO proud of it!

Listening to his teacher read...Don't Eat the Teacher, he loves that book

Here is Austin with his cousin Emmalee...They are in the same grade at the same school. Doesn't her hair look cute, her mom does a FAB job with it!


Anonymous said...

I love the missing teeth! Miss Emmalee must be really patient, I can't even get my daughter to hold still for pigtails. :) THey both look super cute and excited!

Burns Family said...

Yes, actually she was incredibly scared about loosing teeth when Austin lost his first one. She actually started to cry...too funny. She is ok with it now. Emmalee is a very patient girl, her mom started doing her hair when she was just a babe...Was told you got to start them when they are young.
They were both super excited about going to school, Emmalee still is, Austin has his moments...