Monday, September 22, 2008

Yes, I Am a Country Girl!

My lovely sister Katariina got some Carrie Underwood tickets from a friend at work this past Tuesday (that is also when the concert was). She called me up (since she new I liked Carrie) and asked if I wanted to go...hmmmm...of course I said YES! It was an awesome concert. It was honoring the military, they they had the Color Gaurd post the Colors, and they honored 52 Medal of Honorees. It was really neat seeing all the men and women who served/are serving our country. (I was very disapointed though, the person who ran the ceremony , could not have been military, had the crowd sit down before the Colors were dismissed).
The concert it self was really awesome. There were two groups touring with Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum and Randy Travis (He has an amazing deep voice). They did a fabulous job. Carrie's performance was awesome, she is great with the crowd, and really interacts with her band. (wasn't a fan of her costume though) Katariina and I didn't get home until midnight, but ohh it was fun!
I would have took pictures if they allowed cameras, I could have snuck one in but I was trying to be honest (next time I will bring one, everyone else and their brother was taking pictures, and they actually encourage it on the artists' website, with and "upload your concert pictures here") I found one of Carrie and Randy posing together, you get to see the outfit I am not to fond of. She is wearing shorts, not pants.

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