Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Father Son CampOut

It looks to me as if everyone is having one of these in the ward. A brother in our ward owns a ranch, and every year they have a Father & Son campout. This is the 3rd year Austin has gone (his first one was at 2.5 years, we start 'em young). They had such a fun time, and came back filthy as ever.

Austin loved checking out anything he could climb, run on and jump off.

What kid doesn't love a lake...

Don't worry, that is a rootbeer.


Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

so fun!!!! I love that you guys can actually wear long sleeves there still!!!! Our ward id not have a father and son camp out this year---that's why Steve took him alone!

Beeker said...

Cute ~ he's growing up so fast!