Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anything NOT to crawl

Aaron just doesn't want to crawl. The kid will be 10 months on the 2oth of June, and has absolutely no desire. I try to encourage it by putting him on his hand and knees. This morning he didn't bend his knees and this is what we got.
As you can see in his face, he got unhappy real quickly.


Molly said...

oh the crawling. ben was early. he wanted to chase ty around. isn't it funny how every baby does what he wants to do and we really don't have much say in it. such a hard thing for a control freak like me, ha! he crawl when he wants to crawl or just skip straight to walking!

Beeker said...

Don't worry ~ Addie didn't walk until 15 months ~ the Stinker!