Friday, June 13, 2008

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

We have a membership to our Zoo in the Springs, and love it. The other day we went to see there new Rocky Mountain Exhibit. It was pretty amazing, the go rid of a lot of the hills. They brought in two grizzly bears, a moose, mountian lions, and porcupines. We were also there when they were feeding the hippos, I think that was Austin's favorite. Aaron's favorite was this little monkey that kept looking at him. I held him up to the window, and this little monkey kept tilting his head back and forth - Aaron LOVED it!
These Grizzys were having a blast wrestling with eachother, thier energy reminds me of Austin.

Here is the hippo getting a drink before he came into eat.

This Orangutan had at least 8 carrots in his mouth!

Here is Aaron making friends with this cute little monkey.

Here is Alvin as Austin says.


grammie said...

That looks so fun! I love grizzly bears. They are my favorite animal. Aunt Nancy

Amanda said...

WOW_-you guys have an AWESOME ZOO!

Molly said...

totally rockin' zoo! oh and I noticed aaron was sporting his baby spareware.

Beeker said...

Awesome shots! You have a knack for photography!