Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Love of Aprons (I take after my mother)

Don't know how many of you out there wear aprons, but they are a wonderful thing. They save your clothes from who knows what when you are cooking, cleaning and crafting. I know there are tons of other uses out, but these are the ones I mainly use them for. Some of you are thinking ugh.. aprons... they are so ugly... But do not fear, I have found a couple of adorable ones that I have fell in LOVE with. Please take a look below...

This one I fell in love with while I was blog hopping. Meg designed it and created a pattern that you can buy at She has alot of other lovely patterns also.

The next apron I fell in love with has no pattern yet, I am sad, but cannot wait till Heather has it up for sell, she also has a fabric line which I am drooling over. Here is her site to go and see it, I need to get her permission to use her photo, Click here to see the apron


grammie said...

I love aprons too! I just wish someone would make it for me. I got rid of my old sewing machine so I cannot sew even if I wanted to, which I do not. Do you like to sew? Your Mom was always a great seamstress. Aunt Nancy

Amanda said...

That apron is SO ADORABLE!!!! I don't wear one much b/c when I am at home I am always in my "at home" clothes which means my Pj pants and a old I don't mind what gets on them:)