Sunday, December 30, 2007

Austin's New Suit

Austin got this awesome suit for Christmas. There is a jacket, but he is not wearing it for this picture. I had to blur out the background because of our messy house. Doesn't he look so hansome. He is growing up to be a cute (I would use the word hansome, but he rather I call him cute) young man.


Amanda said...

so ADORABLE!!!!!!!I have never gotten P a tie yet......hummm....he looks so CUTE!

Jayfer said...

Hey Lady!

I have been checking your blogsite weekly, and I am sooo glad that you finally posted something...not that you have had your hands full or anything...;) Love the pics, and the stories. Sounds like you guys had an awesome Christmas and New Year...Keep the pictures and stories coming! Me and Gracie miss all of you guys!

Love you!


Kaarina said...

I love that his hands are in his pockets! He looks so mature!!!!

Beeker said...

What a STUD!! Too cute. He sure is growing up!