Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ice Skating - Getting Ready for Hockey Season

Chris and I took Austin Ice Skating on Saturday evening. I stayed in the bleachers with Aaron and took pictures while Chris went out with Austin Ice Skating. Austin is really doing a great job, he can't wait for Chris to take him to the Sticks and Pucks session so he can take his hockey stick out on the ice. We are going to be starting him on a Hockey team this next Season (I Believe it starts in September. We are very excited! Here is a cute little video of Austin Ice Skating. He is doing very well, but still falls down a lot. I think when we get him into hockey he will have a lot more dicipline to not fall down.

Here is a cute picture of Aaron waiting with me up in the bleachers


Amanda said...

That is so neat!!!! I bet he is an awesome skater:) I can't imagine a hockey team full of those lil' guys:) Aaron is adorable:)

Kaarina said...

Hey do you add everyone???

Beeker said...

Cutie patootie ~ growing so fast!