Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Request From My Aunt Nancy

My Aunt asked me to post some pictures side by side of Austin and Aaron. Let me say thank goodness for digital format, or this could have been hard.
There are many differences between Austin and Aaron, but they do kind of look a like also. Austin had more thickness to his body when he was born, he was the same size in length as Aaron, but 1 pound more in weight. Austin I believe has a wider jaw line and a small clef chin with darker hair, Aaron has a thinner face and no clef chin with blonde hair. Go ahead and look below at the pictures. Austin will be on the left and Aaron on the right.


grammie said...

Thanks for posting those side by side pics. They definitely look like brothers. It is hard to believe that Austin was so tiny and that he is almost 4 years old. Time flies by so fast!

Amanda said...

I think from the last picture they look a lot alike so far:)

Beeker said...

That's so cool. I think they TOTALLY look alike. It was hard for me to tell them apart!