Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aaron Nathanael Burns - 4 days over due and well worth it!

I had my Dr. Appt Monday Morning. I went to work for about an hour, then went and had the BPP Test. They did an ultrasound. It was need to see the little baby, you could see his ribs, it is amazing the development they have over the next 20 weeks. Well, my fluids were dangerously low and my Dr. didn't even monitor the Baby. He sent me straight to the hospital for induction. We got to the hospital @ 11:20am and he was born @ 6:07pm. I had him out in 1 push. He was such a little guy, all of 5lbs 1oz. I was pretty exhausted, my placenta didn't and wouldn't detach from my uterus, so they had to take me to the Operating Room (Let me tell you, you think giving birth there is no privacy, try the OR room). Once they got my uterus to relax everything went fine.

Here are some pictures, I will get more up. He has beautiful coloring, and loves to sleep. I have to wake him up to feed him. Barely cries, and when he does, it is a sweet cry.


Amanda said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! thanks for posting so soon!!!!!!! He is SOOOOO TINY!!!! I thought P was tiny @ 6 lbs 6 oz! He will be under 5 lbs by the time you leave the hospital! When they are little like that you usually have to wake them to feed my nurse told me b/c they don't have enough body fat to give them the energy to even wake up! So good luck with that:) We had to undress P and use wet washcloths on his feet and everything to get him to stay awake and nurse! Aaron is adorable:) Sounds like you had a little scare there having to go to the OR room---what did they do to make your placenta deliver? Thanks for the post and keep updating us as you have time!
ps--How much did Austin weigh???

Amanda said...

BTW (I love the picture you got of Austin kissing Aaron!

grammie said...

I am so happy for you guys! Aaron looks so precious and tiny. How much did Austin weigh? I am sure that was quite a surprise to find out you were going straight to the hospital. I am so glad that everything went all right after they got you to the OR and you didn't have to have any surgery. Austin looks like he loves his little brother. I am sure they will grow up to be best buds. We send lots of hugs and kisses to you and Chris and Austin and baby Aaron. Treat yourself nice and don't try to do too much. Let everyone help you that wants to. We love you all! Aunt Nancy , Uncle Scott, and Cassie

Molly said...

SWEET SWEET SWEET! he is just so precious and we are so happy for you! he is so tiny. ben was HUGE compared to him. hope all goes well as you each adjust to your new little guy!

Beeker said...

Congratulations finally!! :) He is adorable! I love the name too. I can't believe what a peanut he was (tiny!!). I'm glad to hear things are going well. Austin looks like he's already an awesome big bro! Too cute :) Please keep posting new pics, when you get a chance.

The Burns Family of Colorado said...

They had me supplement with formula after I nursed him. But since my milk came in he is all good. He has already surpassed his birth weight, which the Dr. says is great.

Austin weighed 6lbs 2 oz, and was born on his due date

They completely numbed me from ribs down and then my uterus relaxed and finallly they were able to grab the placenta. Luckly they didn't have to do any cutting.

Tarja said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You sure have a cute new baby boy in your family. But let me tell you, the other one is sooooo cute too!!! I am so happy for you all! I'll get back to you later on again. Now I'm in a hurry, but just wanted to congratulate you!