Monday, August 13, 2007

3 Days it is - WOW and the Dr says I"ve got nothing!

I just had a Doctors appt today. He says if the baby were any farther up in my ribs it would be crawling out of my mouth. This little one definately looks like it is waiting for my parents to get back from vacation - Which is very good.
If I do not go into labor by this next Monday the Dr. is going to do a BPP appt. I have no idea what that stands for, but they said it is about an hour long appt. They do an ultra sound and then monitor the baby, just to make sure it is comfortable. I guess they want to see why the baby has decided it doesn't even want to drop yet. - so well see, I keep you gys updated ;)


Amanda said...

well...that's good that he wants to wait for your parents! I hope all goes well with the next appointment too. After your parents get back tell that baby he can come out:) LOL! I am sure you are ready to meet him!

Molly said...

Ben didn't drop even once I went into labor. I was pushing and he was still living in my ribs. Finally he decided to drop after a couple of pushes and out he came. Sounds like your little guy might do the same thing.