Thursday, August 14, 2008

iPhone 3G, Kaarina's New Toy, I mean phone

Aaron and I went with Kaarina to Denver to the Apple Store about 1.5 weeks ago to pick her up a brand new 3G iPhone. Due to stores selling out quickly, we needed to get there at least an hour before. So we left our house around 6am to stand in line by 7am and buy the phone around 8am. When we got there, there was already two people ahead of us. They were very friendly and we talked till the store opened.
At 8am a lady came out and handed tickets out to everyone standing in line, this ticket was good till 6pm that evening, and specified the color and gb amount. Kaarina got a white 16gb. We had a little trouble separating her from her fathers cell plan, but that was finally over come with a few phone calls and help/calls from father.
Aaron did quite well, but got a little cranky at the end. (which is understandable, I woke the poor kid up at 5:45am
Here are some fun pictures of Kaarina standing in line, in the process of getting her phone, you know the most memorable moments)
By the way, the Apple Store keep there place incredibly clean. It is an uncluttered store as it is, but they were sweeping/mopping the floor, dusting all the crevices, I was amazed, it looks clean already)

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The Lowes said...

i think i'm gonna get one...even though i'm technologically retarded and probably won't be able to use all the features because i hate reading.