Monday, March 17, 2008

Just in from Colorado Springs...

***DISCLAIMER: Pictures were taken through the window for safety, thus the crappiness***

Chris, Austin, Aaron and I were just sitting peacefully (well, Austin was jumping on his mini tramp) Saturday evening when around 5pm we see this HUGE police RV outside of our window. (of course the first thing that comes to my mind is , great now the re-sale value on our property in going down)

So I bring it to Chris attention, and he decides to go out there and ask them what is going on. (Silly him) They tell him to not go outside his front door. So of course something is happening out front so I run to the kitchen window, and this is what I see...

Austin really wanted to go out there and help the "cops", said he would be safe because he was going to be with them. Do you know how hard and long it took to explain to him that it was not safe to be out there, and even though the "cops" have guns, doesn't mean no one is going to get hurt. I don't know if he really understood, I think he gave up just asking, thank goodness it only lasted 3 hours.

So I get the story, and here is what it says... (We had the Colorado Springs SWAT Team in our front yard)

Springs man threatens to shoot police

Members of Colorado Springs Police Department's Tactical Enforcement Unit swarmed the Sierra Point Apartment complex on Van Teylingen Drive, Saturday, after a man threatened to kill police. Sergeant Dennis Dougan says, "We set containment up, because if he truly is serious about killing a police officer he would not hesitate to kill anyone else either."
It all started shortly before five o'clock. Police say the man reportedly said he'd shot people at his mom's house; a claim that later turned out to be false. He then drove to his place, 3230 Van Teylingen Drive, barricaded himself inside and said he'd shoot anyone who came to his door, including police.
While the SWAT team swarmed the complex, the people who live there couldn't return home, but were forced to wait for hours. John Hesli says, "I was just out and about and decided to come home you know...and its a shock. Jeremy Wardell says, "We pulled up here and you know, its blocked off so its kind of a wild situation going on."
Shortly before eight o'clock Saturday night, the man eventually surrendered. Police say he was unarmed.
The suspect's name wasn't immediately available, but he's described as a 46 year old white man.


Amanda said...

HOW SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beeker said...

Oh my gosh!! That's crazy! I can't believe that happened there. And we lived together there too!! Glad you guys were safe & nothing bad happened.