Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mother!!!

Today is my WONDERFUL mother's Birthday, Yes, she was a St. Patty baby. I want to share with you her birthday gift, that I had fun making. She was supposed to recieve it yesterday at our family dinner, but she it sick with that yucky flu thing.

It is a reversable apron... Tell me what you think


Amanda said...

Okay that is ADORABLE!!!! YOu are so talented! You should open an Etsy shop! LOVE IT!!!!!

Tell your MOM happy birthday from us!

grammie said...

That is so cute!! I agree with Amanda, you should sell these things. Poor Milley! It isn't fair to be sick on your birthday.

Beeker said...

Love it! Way cute! I can't believe you made these you Stinker ~ you're too talented!

Kaarina said...

I love it!!! When are you going to give it to her??? =)