Sunday, October 28, 2007

Austin's First Artist Moment

Well, I think this happened when I was feeding Aaron. Austin decided to be an artist on the wall of his room. He actually did very good with his "A"s, yes I know they are upside down, but he did pretty good especially with out help. He hopefully should not do this again, he did get time out in the corner, I did have him scrub at it a bit and we had a long talk about how when he gets the urge to draw to do it on paper.


grammie said...

That was some really good writing. Too bad you had to clean it all off. It is amazing what they can get into while you are feeding the baby. Aunt Nancy

Molly said...

Funny. Okay, not funny to you but funny to me. You just never know what they are up to when you are feeding the baby. Good luck!

Amanda said...

LOL! When they are quite you never know what they are doing!

Jennifer Kelly said...

Hilarious!! I remember when Grace had an artistic urge in my parent's study room with a permanent Sharpie!! Needless to say, I also took pictures, but scrubbing the sharpie off the oak book shelves and white door, as well as her forehead was quite challenging. :) I am glad you got the picture!! these things are too funny to not capture!



Beeker said...

Oh, that is so funny! I'm sure you're not laughing but it's so darn cute ;)