Monday, April 02, 2007

My Hockey Man

We promised Austin that if he went ice skating the whole time we would get him a hockey helmet with a face cage. He did a great job ice skating. We just today got his hockey helmet and we also got him some butt pads. He was so excited and couldn't wait to get the box open to wear them. He knew they were coming in the mail wanted to check the mail every day, even though it was coming UPS. Here are some cute pictures of our "Little Hockey Man".

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Amanda said...

How exciting for Austin!!! You can just see the excitement on his little face!!!!!! In those pictures he looks JUST like you Kristiina!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually your pictures are so little on here since they are on scrapbooking pages (and you can't click and make them bigger) So I wanted to have a good face picture....and here it is! What a cutie!!!!!