Sunday, April 01, 2007

Holly, CO's Tornado

The begining of the week there were alot of tornados that hit. One of them was in Holly, CO. Chris said it is about a stone's throw aways from Kansas. The Stake President called the men in our stake to go and help clean up yesterday. So Chris and 12 of the men from our ward went up there to help. It is about a 3 hour drive from Colorado Springs. Chris said it was so sad to see all the damage that was done. The Tornado was about 2 football fields in length and definately did damage. Houses were completely torn apart, some houses were no longer there. It was an older community, Chris said he saw Christmas cards that were old (if he had to guess 1940-50's). Ton's of history gone. It was very sad to see. Chris took some pictures with his phone, not the best, but you can see alot of the damage. Keep these people in your prayers.


Amanda said...

That is just so sad....and scary:( I can't imagine having that happen to us! But as long as we were all okay then I could survive:)

grammie said...

Oh, that is very sad. Those poor people.It was great that Chris went to help out. Several years ago there was a bad tornado in Oklahoma City and Scott went up there with a bunch of men from church to help with the clean up.

The Burns Family of Colorado said...

It would have been great if nobody died, but at least it was only one. It is very sad to see a family loose a mother.

That is awesome Uncle Scott was able to go up to Oklahoma to help, I sure he said it was a neat experience (not of course for the occasion), but to be able to help those who need it. Chris was glad to help, but it was sad to see the adults try to hold it together and be strong for thier families, especially the little kids