Monday, June 22, 2009

They Grow So Fast...

It is amazing to me how fast my kids are growing...I wish there was a way to keep them small forever, but not feeding them is looked down upon. So I guess they will just have to grow (good thing for pictures.)
Austin is growing up SO fast! I just registered him for Kindergarten the other day, he is so excited. I permitted him to the same school as his cousin Emmalee (but we requested that they not be in the same class, that is trouble, they totally feed off eachother). It is amazing to me all the things they expect the kids to know...we will be having some learning time during Aaron's nap time. Hockey this Spring has just been awesome. Last Spring as you may recall Austin split his head and missed half of the season, so he missed out on learning alot of the skills. This Spring we have seen a huge difference. I have some fun videos...I will post as soon as I download them. He LOVES checking!

Aaron is now sleeping in a big boy bed. One Monday I put him down for a nap in his crib (which was in our bedroom), closed the door. I heard him cry every once in a while like usual, but when I heard scratching on the door, yes...the door I went in and found him out of his crib, playing in the closet. That was the day he moved to the bottom bunk in Austin's room. (I have heard horror stories about kids climbing out of thier cribs and breaking arms or/and legs, I did not want that to happen) He is doing FABULOUS sleeping in his big boy bed. I believe having no bars around him makes it more easier for him. He is also VERY active like his brother...will try to do anything Austin does, which is cute, scary and a little annoying...depending on the activity.

Chris just graduated with his Bachelors...he actually just walked (since they only have 1 graduation a year), but he is taking 3 classes this Summer and he will be officially done...I joke with him saying you can walk the walk, but you can't talk the talk...not yet that is. He is an amazing man...He has so many things on his plate and is still a wonderful father and husband. He has been taking at least 2 classes a quarter and been holding a 3.86 average GPA, working full time (just took on a new job having to get certified in the systems they work on and doing rolling shifts - one week days, the next week swings, and the next week mids), he has a pretty heavy duty calling at church, and really takes it seriously. Seriously this man is pure Awesomeness and Attractivness! thank you love for all you do!

Me I am I think figuring out this stay at home it sad that I throw an at home party so I will clean my house??? an added bonus besides the clean house is the free stuff, right??? ;) I have some sewing things in the works...I am trying to earn some money on the side...I will let you know when I have it up and running...I have a great idea just have to do it.

I am missing the rain...maybe someday we will move to WA, Chris LOVED serving his mission there (Tacoma, WA mission). Just a little bit of useless I was reading the book Twilight, it was describing a place called Forks, sounded very familiar...because I heard Chris talk about serving his mission there, that's right folks, rubbing his shoulders with vampires and werewolves. So I had fun verifying some of the facts with him that were in the book.

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