Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Day Two....WooHoo

Well...I might as well update you on the boys...
Austin- almost 5.5 yrs old. He cannot wait to go to school...He knows he goes to school when the leafs turn yellow. He just started his second year playing hockey and is LOVING it! He is a wonderful big brother to Aaron...but sometimes too wonderful (he can defiantely annoy Aaron).
We have started a button system with him, which works really well. I would do an allowance, actually have already tried, but everytime he got any form of money, he wanted to spend it on candy (not good for the teeth). So my SIL mentioned a reward/discipline system that I believe she saw on one of the nanny shows.

You have two jars, one for the child and one for the adult (filled with payment ie beads, rocks...I used buttons.) With every chore, good deed, even immediate obedience you would give them payment to put in thier jar. With disobedience, backtalk, lying etc. they would have to pay you in to your jar. (we have Austin put the buttons in and out of his jar...not a problem when he gets them, but he is not happy when he has to put them back in our jar...I tell him he needs to do it, but if he refuses he looses an extra button. Also if he knocks his jar down (which he has done only once) he looses the buttons that fell on the floor.

So far this has worked pretty dang good (THANK LISA) Once he fills the jar (which he could do in a month to a month and a half, if he doesn't loose a ton of buttons... we will let him choose to go to Chuck E Cheese or pick out a toy. I also have lines on the jar as milestone when we get to do cheaper fun icecream at McDonalds.

Aaron - 18months is growing soooo fast. He is walking/running like mad and nothing, I mean nothing can restrain the boy! We take the ladder off the Austin's bunkbed so Aaron wouldn't climb, since there was no ladder he climbed up the side. None of the baby gates work...he always finds a way...pretty smart kid. He is a huge talker, was told if he had a twin, they would have there own language. He totally is speaking his own laguage, and even laughs at what he says. I only understand a couple of words, his favorite one is "NO" or "No way"..this could mean either yes or no. He has a blanket, which he LOVES...Austin never has something like this. This blanket is not the design I would have picked out, but he doesn't go any where without it. He is a Linus. He definately looks up to his brother ans want to do EVERYTHING his brother does.


Amanda said...

so sweet:) YOur boys are adorable:) Glad the jar thing is working out so good. I honestly wouldn't even have the energy to keep up with anything like that right now! I just say "mark 1", "mark 2" for every time he disobeys in one day (even little things).....when he gets to 10 marks in a day he has a time out for 10 minutes (I know it is only supposed to be a minute for each year...) But he has only gotten the 10 minute time out once. He is really pretty darn good:)

Nikki and James said...

So glad you are posting again! I have missed you.

Your boys are getting so big!

We will have to get together soon. I would love for you to meet Audrey!

The Lowe Family said...

hey dear...i got a sweet present in the mail from your parentals and i wanted to thanks them but i don't have an address for them or and email. will you PLEASE let them know how thoughtful it was of them to send that fun video. i played it for isaak and he LOVES it. he was enthralled just sitting there watching it.

Lindsay said...

okay seriously... austin looks like a teenager all dressed in his zip up pullover sweater. SO CUTE. :) and i looove the serious look on aaron's face as he's eating... like.. "yeah, i got food on my face... what's it to ya?"