Friday, May 30, 2008

Book Signing - Stephenie Meyer

Monday May 19, Stephenie Meyer was in Denver, doing a book signing for her new book "The Host" (you might recognize her as the author for the Twilight Series). I found this out the Saturday before and thought this would be fun to do (I have never done a book signing before). It was really fun... My mother-in-law Jean and I went. I was kind of worried how late we would be there, because our tickets were numbers 699 and 700. There was about a total of 850 persons there, it was pretty crazy. They went in order of the numbers on your tickets to get your books signed. It started at 7pm and we got out around 10pm. I have to say I am impressed, 700 signatures in 3 hours. It was neat to see the dads who brought there daughters there for the signing, and the crowed seemed to be decent, which was great. It was a pretty fun evening. By the way, I loved the book. She did a great job.

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