Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ice Skating 101

We took Austin Ice Skating for the 3rd time. He had such a blast. He couldn't wait to wear his helmet, and get the ice skates on. Chris took him out on the ice, and I took the pictures. Austin did one lap around the rink with the orange bucket, then after that he wanted to do it all himself. He had so much fun. He fell so many time, thank goodness for the helmet. Also every time he fell he had to lick the ice off of his gloves. If you ask him about ice skating he will tell you the whole story, from falling to licking the "snow" off of his gloves.


Amanda said...

WOW! he'll be a hockey player for sure:) We took P ice skating afew months ago b/c he has sceen it at the mall and had been begging to go! Well neither Steve nor I can skate very well.....and we didn't even know that was what the buckets there were for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know:) You can find the pictures in my July archives on my blog if you want. We might have to take him back sometime and let him try the bucket! I think he would like that. But he is not into sports as much as Austin is:)

grammie said...

Such cute pictures! That Austin is a real little toughie. Missed seeing you when we were in town. Aunt Nancy (also known as Grammie to Pierce and Tyler and soon, Ben.)

Molly said...

How fun! I can't wait until Ty gets older to do that kind of stuff!! Austin is so cute. I don't think I've ever seen him besides pictures. you guys need to come down and visit!